RCM Certification

IRCC offers three levels of RCM Certification.

Level 1 Certification

Level 1 Certification
Certify your skills as an RCM team member

certification level 2

Level 2 Certification
Facilitate successful RCM analyses


Level 3 Certification
Lead organizations in RCM implementation

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Level 1 Certfication

Level 1 Certification

Level 1 Certification demonstrates that you understand the RCM process and have the skills needed to apply RCM as an RCM team member.

To become Level 1 Certified you need to pass a 30-minute online exam. You can register for the exam independently or as part of a participating organisation's training course

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How long is my certification valid?
Your certification is valid indefinitely

What skills do I need before taking the Level 1 certification exam?
Most people take an Introductory RCM training course compliant with SAE-JA1011 before attempting the Level 1 examination.

How do I prepare for the certification exam?
Review your comprehensive, introductory RCM training. Consider reading background material such as John Moubray’s RCM 2 book.

Ensure you understand the following as they are described in SAE-JA1011:

  • Functions and Performance Standards
  • Functional Failures
  • Failures Modes
  • How to write Failure Effects
  • Categorising Failure Effects as hidden, evident, safety-related, environmental, operational and non-operational
  • How to use the RCM task selection logic
  • The differences between condition-based, age-related and failure-finding tasks
  • When to use P-F intervals, useful life and MTBF to set maintenance intervals
  • When "No scheduled maintenance" is a technically defensible maintenance policy.

What are the fees for Level 1 certification?
The individual examination is USD 99. To obtain certification as part of a training course, contact your course provider.

Registering for Level 1 certification
Click on one of the links below to register for a test with one of the IRCC member organisations, or talk to your training provider about registering for Level 1 certification.

How long does it take to get my results?
You will get your result immediately after completing the exam, and if you are successful you will be able to download your certificate straight away.

What if I don't pass the first time?
You can take the Level 1 examination again, but you will need to wait at least three months from your last attempt. You will have to purchase the certification again for subsequent attempts.

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Level 2 Certfication

certification level 2

Level 2 certification enables you to demonstrate that you have both theoretical and real-world skills that enable you to act as an effective RCM facilitator.

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What does Level 2 certification mean?

  • You understand the principles of RCM in depth
  • You can lead an RCM team to ensure they apply RCM principles confidently and correctly
  • You use the RCM Information Worksheet (FMEA) and Decision Worksheet to produce consistent and justifiable maintenance schedules and default strategies
  • You can manage and guide an RCM team effectively
  • Your analyses are thorough, technically robust, and produced in reasonable time

How do I become Level 2 certified?
Level 2 is a two-step process. First, you demonstrate your technical knowledge of RCM by passing a 90-minute online test that covers the principles of RCM and JA1011/1012. This assessment is more detailed and more demanding than the Level 1 examination.

  • The test also includes questions on team leadership and facilitation techniques
  • When you have successfully completed the online test, the IRCC appoints your independent examiner who coordinates the practical part of the test, where you are examined on an RCM analysis that you have completed.
  • The final step is an oral examination lasting about an hour where you present your analysis to the IRCC examiner and answer questions about the analysis, the RCM methodology, and facilitation skills.

What skills do I need before taking the Level 2 certification test?

  • A facilitator-level RCM training course
  • You must have completed at least one substantial, good quality RCM analysis with an RCM team
  • You must have demonstrated that you can manage an RCM team independently

Registering for Level 2 certification
Please talk to your RCM training provider about registering for Level 2 certification. IRCC intends to offer online registration for Level 2 certification soon.

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Level 3 Certfication


At Level 3, you are an experienced and confident RCM practitioner. You not only understand all the principles of RCM in depth, but you can explain them clearly, train effectively, and motivate everyone involved in a major RCM project.

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What does Level 3 certification mean?

In addition to demonstrating all the skills of a Level 2 RCM facilitator, you will also

  • Demonstrate your ability to train individuals and groups at RCM levels 1 and 2
  • Be able to plan and manage complex RCM projects
  • Provide organisations and individuals with reliable guidance on the application of RCM
  • Be able to provide clear guidance on analysis quality when auditing and mentoring
  • Have a working knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of a range of condition monitoring techniques
  • Understand the relationship of RCM to other technologies such as risk assessment, hazard analysis, root cause analysis, reliability analysis and modelling
  • Have a strong commitment to personal professional development and improvement.

How do I become Level 3 certified?

IRCC Level 3 certification consists of three principal tracks.

  • Online tests covering the detailed principles of RCM and related material
  • Review of your completed RCM analyses and project documents
  • Live assessment by the IRCC examiners of your RCM training, presentation skills, and understanding