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International Reliability Centered Maintenance Certification Committee (IRCC)

Stand out from the rest with Independent RCM Certification.

RCM Certification demonstrates that you have the skills needed to use and apply RCM effectively.

Become certified as an RCM Team Member, Facilitator or Practitioner.

IRCC certification provides an independent validation of your RCM skills. Whatever RCM dialect you work with, IRCC certification is an objective and impartial assessment of your ability, because our examinations are based on the SAE standards JA1011 and JA1012, which define what RCM is and how it should be applied.

Level 1 Certfication

Do you know how RCM works? Prove it with Level 1 certification.

At Level 1 you understand the RCM process from Function definition through Maintenance Task and Default Strategy selection.

You have the skills needed to be an active and productive member of an RCM team.

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Level 2 Certfication

Do you want to lead a successful RCM Team?

At Level 2, you have the skills of an effective RCM Facilitator.

You have in-depth knowledge of RCM and can manage an RCM Team to produce safe and cost-effective RCM analyses.

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Level 3 Certfication

Do you want to stand out as an RCM Leader?

At Level 3, you have the skills of an effective RCM Practioner.

You have demonstrated that you can pass on RCM skills to team members and RCM Facilitators.

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Level 1  Certification

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RCM Certification is for...

Reliability Engineers

Design Engineers

Logistics Engineers

Maintenance Technicians

Maintenance Managers

Process Engineers

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Instrument Technicians


Systems Engineers

Plant Managers

Shift Leaders

Operations and Production Managers

Subject Matter Experts

Safety, Health and Environment Engineers

Quality Engineers

Meet the Examiners

Each of our RCM Examiners has decades of practical experience applying RCM in every imaginable sector of modern industry. This includes renewable energy, oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, defense (army, navy, air force), steelmaking, mining, food, telecommunications, aviation, nuclear, electronics, utilities and manufacturing. Several team members have contributed to the development of RCM standards and methodologies.

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Mark Horton

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Nancy Regan

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Graham Steven

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Jesus Sifonte